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Spring water

Stonehenge spring water

Stonehenge rests on the beautiful and vast Salisbury Plain. Beneath the enigmatic stone circle lies an aquifer with the most pristine water. Our bottles are filled with the pure and velvety smooth spring water which over many, many years has trickled through the thick layer of chalk that acts as a natural filter.


Throughout the centuries, wellsprings have been found by the art of dowsing. This involves using divining tools. You can use two ‘L’ shaped metal rods or a ‘Y’ shaped hazel, ash or willow twig. The man who found our wellspring used metal rods. He placed a rod in each hand and held them lightly out in front of him whilst walking slowly forward. Where the rods crossed over, forming an ‘X’ shape, the access to the source was established

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For every bottle sold a donation will be made to English Heritage.

An authentic Image

We believe Stonehenge Spring Water deserves the support of a strong and authentic image. With this in mind, we felt we had to be sympathetic to the World Heritage Site. The logo echoes the iconic shape and the charcoal rubbing, taken from the stones, adds a tactile feel.

Not many are aware of the faint carvings of daggers and axes which can be found on some of the stones at Stonehenge – and we do not intend to come up with any suggestions to what they may symbolize. But we do find them very interesting and not least decorative.
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