the Product

We want our spring water to remain as true to its nature as possible. Therefore we have made a conscious decision not to add “fizz” to Stonehenge Spring Water, which in the bottles stays as naturally still as deep down in the Salisbury Plain aquifer. 

Stonehenge Spring Water holds a constant temperature of 10-15 degrees, no matter what time of year it comes from the aquifer. The same temperature has been measured by a research team from Buckingham University in connection with new research at Stonehenge. 

You can read the interesting findings by clicking on this link: www.buckingham.ac.uk/contact-us/information-for-the-media/press-releases/stonehenge-dig-latest-findings 

Stonehenge Spring Water is sold in 500 ml plastic PET-bottles. 

We are a small business with ethical values with recycling most certainly being one of them.