the Product

We want our spring water to remain as true to its nature as possible. Therefore we have made a conscious decision not to add “fizz” to Stonehenge Spring Water, which in the bottles stays as naturally still as deep down in the Salisbury Plain aquifer. 

Stonehenge Spring Water holds a constant temperature of 10-15 degrees, no matter what time of year it comes from the aquifer. The same temperature has been measured by a research team from Buckingham University in connection with new research at Stonehenge. 

You can read the interesting findings by clicking on this link: www.buckingham.ac.uk/contact-us/information-for-the-media/press-releases/stonehenge-dig-latest-findings 

Stonehenge Spring Water is sold in 750 ml glass bottles and 500 ml plastic PET-bottles. 

We are a small business with ethical values with recycling most certainly being one of them. 

We owe Stonehenge a big thank you for the name of our business and because we want Stonehenge to forever remain on the vast and beautiful Salisbury Plain we have decided to do our bit to make it possible by donating a small amount to English Heritage for every Stonehenge Spring Water bottle sold.